Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lamp Parts

I have always LOVED lighting, which is probably why I got into electrical work in the first place. I have recently been inspired by my good friend to pursue more of my own lamp and lighting designs. Most of my experiments have ended up at our camp at Burning Man. Shortly after making this decision I was commissioned to repair a vintage brass chandelier. Each individual light has its own switch and all of the switches were turning until they came out. So I took the lamp apart and began searching for Leviton brand lamp holders with the switch built in, hoping to maintain the vintage look. My online search was not to my satisfaction, so I headed over to Dogfork Lamp Arts in San Francisco and my friend gave me a tour of the INCREDIBLE light fixtures that they carry and fabricate. The experience of seeing shelves and shelves of lamp parts and materials was very exciting, and of course they had the exact Leviton brand lamp holders with switches that I was seeking. I highly recommend checking out Dogfork.