Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mr. W


Here is a video that plays with our perception.  It was created 6 years ago, but I just saw it for the first time thanks to my friend Jessica.  It is incredible that we are still working towards incorporating a significant amount of renewable energy into our electricity grid in the U.S. More videos like this one would be a great way to invite us to think about energy differently.  Putting resources to use that are not being used for their full potential at all times is a necessary step. These resources are available and accessible on the surface of our planet, without having to dig and unearth.  Bio diesel is oil that we would otherwise discard, wind is doing its thing any way, the sun is getting stronger and hotter as the layer between the earth surface and the sun gets thinner.  It's a simple matter of evolving with the reality of our present world.  Thank you to the maker's of this video for using art and creativity to shift our perception!